Top 10 The Best Smartwatch 2019

Smartwatch is now more popular than fitness tracker, thanks to the presence of the Apple Watch. But gangs, you don"t have to be an iPhone user to wear or use a smartwatch, and if you"re one of those people who just want to try out smartwatch uses without spending too much money, you can still choose the best and the best cheap smartwatch under 1 million.

We found a number of the best and most advanced cheap smartwatches under 1 million that are worthy of your wrist. But gang, I"ll tell you something ... if you want a great and reliable smartwatch with all the complete features, well I say you have to buy a smartwatch that costs over 1 million. But again if this is for a "trial" without having to spend a lot of money, please choose from the 10 best and the best cheap smartwatches below 1 million below.

1. U8 Smartwatch (IDR 150 thousand)
Different from the others out there, this smartwatch looks like an analog watch. Rectangular, the U8 Smartwatch has a cool metallic look. On the right side of the smartwatch there is a power button and on the left side there are speakers, a mini USB port, and a microphone. In normal use, the U8 can be used for up to 3-4 days. The screen is almost similar to a smartphone, there are three buttons namely Menu, Volume and Back button. You can read messages through this smartwatch, also there are features such as Barometer, Altimeter, Pedometer and Stopwatch. This smartwatch also has music functions, settings controllers and call features.

2. Y2 Plus (IDR 210 thousand)
The best and the best cheap smartwatch under the other 1 million is Y2 Plus. This band is similar to the Mi Band 2 in the fitness tracker section. This Smartwatch supports Android 4.3 and iOS 8.0 as well as versions above, this can also be synchronized with the FunDoBracelet application (free). It has a heart rate sensor, a blood pressure meter, an oxygen measurement sensor and many other features.

3. A1 Smartwatch (IDR 230 thousand)
A1 has a SIM card slot with a menu button, setting buttons displayed along with signal strength and battery power on the screen. You can also use this clock as a telephone. Specifications include the MTK6260A CPU, 128Mbit or 64Mbit RAM, as well as external memory which can be upgraded to 32GB. The 1.54 inch HD TFT LCD screen, 240 x 240 pixels on the A1 is able to display HD images so that it gives you a great experience.

4. NO.1 F3 Sports Smartwatch (IDR 310 thousand)
The F3 comes with a circular display, a standard alarm setting function, a message reminder, a pedometer, and a sleep monitor. The best cheap and sophisticated smartwatch under 1 million also offers different modes for different environments, making it feasible to use anywhere. Waterproofing with an IP68 value allows the smartwatch to be resistant to splashes of water. He can walk for several weeks with normal use.

5. Lenovo HW01 (IDR 420 thousand)
Lenovo HW01 is another option that is worth considering, with a rectangular OLED display and a strong silicone rubber strap that is also comfortable. This smartwatch is equipped with a heart rate sensor, waterproofing, sleep tracker, remote control function as well as a burned calorie counter. The companion application for this band is Lenovo"s smart band application which provides more information about the number of steps and evaluation of data. The 85mAH battery keeps the band up to 15-17 days for a charging session.

6. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 (IDR. 450 thousand)
Xiaomi always offers advanced technology at very low prices and Mi Band 3 is one of them. In addition to the low price, you will also get a smartwatch with a slimline design, a heart rate monitor feature, waterproofing, a screen that is bigger than the best and sophisticated version of cheap smartwatch under Xiaomi"s previous 1 million and also other features.

7. Zeblaze VIBE 3 (IDR 450 thousand)
Zeblaze VIBE 3 comes with a full 1.24-inch FATN screen, a powerful 316L stainless steel dial that is suitable for all your outdoor activities. With IP67 waterproof and a 78 gram smartwatch gravity sensor it is also slim only 8mm. The function of the remote control, message notification and phone call also the pedometer is a function that is in Zeblaze Vibe 3. Battery capacity of 610mAh type of CR2450 Button Battery, can standby for 990 days.

8. K18 Smart Watch (IDR 570 thousand)
K18 Smartwatch comes with a 22mm leather band for straps, K18 has two UI interfaces, one for fashion and one for commercial use. The best and the best cheap smartwatch under 1 million also has six different clock interfaces, so it won"t get bored. Measure your heart rate, count the steps and count the calories burned also monitor your sleep or set reminders if you stay too long with this. Use K18 which has this voice control function to send messages.

9. HUAWEI Band 3 (IDR. 720 thousand)
Honor Band 3 is available in various colors, such as blue, orange and black. Weighing only about 18 grams and a rope or band of rubber. Simply by tapping the rectangular dial, the HUAWEI Band 3 OLED screen will light up, features such as phone call notifications, message reminders and alarm settings can be done by the band. Its health features include a heart rate monitor, pedometer and sleep monitor. The UI of the smart band is very clean and clear, with a 100mAh battery that takes 1.5 hours to charge, can last for 20 days in normal use.

10. S908 GPS (IDR. 770 thousand)
S908 smartband GPS sports is a band that supports outdoor activities. Comes with GPU functions, an OLED screen and a rectangular dial that lets you read messages and navigate GPS. The best cheap and sophisticated smartwatch below 1 million is able to show latitude and longitude can also record several movements and patterns such as running, climbing and more. This smart band IP68 waterproof grade can be invited to swim. S908 is able to record data such as the number of swing arms, round counts, heart rate analysis, number of calories burned, and others. Smartband 230mAH battery with 64K RAM & 512K power ROM can last longer.

We hope you like the list of the 10 best and most advanced cheap smartwatches under 1 million, and there may be one of them that is interesting and you want to buy. And to buy it you can search online stores. Happy shopping!