The Secret of the Galaxy Z Fold2s Sturdy Hinge System

So many improvements have been given by Samsung to the Galaxy Z Fold2 from its predecessor. One of them is the hinge that makes this folding screen phone have many modes of use.
SeungHyun Hwang, Samsung Electronics Advanced Mechanical R&D Group, explained that the Galaxy Z Fold2 carries a dual CAM mechanism. The mechanism makes it easy for the phone to stand up and enables the implementation of the Flex mode previously introduced on the Galaxy Z Flip.

Each CAM structure has two hill-shaped sections with a flat surface in the center. The two will meet when the phone is folded or opened.

"The folding movement is not only supported by magnetism, but also by the CAM structure which enables a stable folding experience," said Hwang.

The Galaxy Z Fold2 is also made with a high retention rate, so it can only be opened up to 180 degrees. So as to keep the device folded accidentally.

Samsung also adopted the Hideway Hinge which was also introduced for the first time on the Galaxy Z Flip. The hinge system has received a positive response from users, so this South Korean vendor has made it a strength in the Galaxy Z Fold2 .

"We increased the number of CAM structures to ensure solid support for the larger form factor of the Galaxy Z Flip. At the same time we kept the hinge size small despite the complicated design," explained Hwang.

Hwang revealed that the Galaxy Z Fold2 hinge itself consists of 60 elements. It had to come up with complex solutions in order to combine them all into a sleek design.

The result is that there are so many versions made. After being tested by the design team, his team managed to create an optimal space to place the hinges. The end result is applied to the Galaxy Z Fold2.

To protect dust and dirt between the gaps that make the Galaxy Z Fold2 open and fold, Samsung applies Sweeper technology .

This technology is not made arbitrarily. Samsung ensures the Sweeper structure can last up to 200 thousand folds.

But not only that, the Sweeper also has to be elastic considering the hinge is assembled by more than 60 components which can make several variations. No less important is that the size must be very small, aka micro, because it keeps the cellphone thin and light.

"After having collected 98 ideas, unfortunately none of them worked. But one day I saw the fiber brush in the vacuum cleaner, and from there we tried and succeeded," said Hee-Cheul Moon, Samsung Electronics Advanced Mechanical R&D Group.

"The fiber brush can be integrated into the structure. This is able to prevent damage caused by the ingress of dust and dirt," he concluded.

Interested in improving the Galaxy Z Fold2? This smartphone can be ordered through the pre-order system from September 11 to 19, 2020 on the website . In the pre-order period, the customer immediately gets Galaxy Buds Live and Premier Service powered by Samsung Care + for 1 year to protect the device from accidental damage or exposure to liquid.