Rumors of Apple Watch Series 7

Most of the products made by Apple now have a similar design, namely flat edges, except for the Apple Watch. Well, in the leaked rendering of the Apple Watch Series 7, it is illustrated that the watch has a flat edge too.

Until the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple still uses the same design as before, namely the curved edges of the body. It seems that Apple will change this in its successors, namely the Series 7.

From the leaked rendering images distributed by Jon Prosser, it can be seen that the Series 7 has a flat metal body edge, the same as on the iPhone 12, several variants of the iPad, and also the new iMac.

However, there are designs that do not follow the design of the iPhone 12 and iPad completely. Because on these two devices, the edges are really angled and feel sharp. While on the Apple Watch, the corners are still slightly curved, perhaps so that it doesn`t feel sharp in the user`s hand.

Just like the previous generation, the Series 7 is also still equipped with a touch screen, which is probably an OLED panel, not a micro LED. The bezel also looks as thick as the Series 6.

In addition to the digital crown, or play button, like the previous Apple Watch, there is also a microphone for phone calls and Walkie-Talkie mode, as well as a multi-tasking button. You can also see the speaker holes that are bigger than before.

It is not yet known which screen size will be used in the Series 7, but it seems that Apple will maintain compatibility with the bands or straps from the previous generation of Apple Watch.

Series 7, also called Prosser, will be the first Apple Watch to be available in Green, after previously adding Blue and (RED). Apple is also said to be experimenting with a variety of different finishes for the Apple Watch body.

From the leaked images, it can be seen that the green color option is similar to the green color on the iPad Air (2020) and AirPods Max, as quoted by detikINET from Phone Arena, Friday (21/5/2021).