Ricoh Theta Z1 Feature a Significant Series of Updates

2018 there is no new Ricoh Theta. The last model is Theta V which was released in September 2017. Is Ricoh already bored with a 360 degree camera? No. They chose to use their time to design the latest Theta model with significant updates. From there was born Ricoh Theta Z1.

At first glance, his appearance did not change much. The device is still intangible like a TV remote with a lens on both sides. One new thing that is immediately visible is the 0.93-inch OLED screen at the bottom of one side that serves to display various indicators, as well as to make it easier to navigate the modes.

Although similar, the innards of the Theta Z1 are very different and far more qualified than their predecessors. A pair of backside-illuminated 1-inch sensors are capable of capturing spherical images in a resolution of 23 megapixels (almost double the Theta V), then 360 degree video in 4K resolution at 30 fps. The maximum ISO that can be achieved is 6400.

Most interestingly, JPEG is no longer the only format that can be taken. Yes, Theta Z1 is able to take pictures in RAW format (Adobe DNG), so users can more freely edit their shots.

Not only the sensor, the lens has also been updated. Users can now even choose aperture between f / 2.1, f / 3.5 and f / 5.6. So that the video recording can be even better, Ricoh also includes a 3 axis image stabilization system , complete with a 4- channel microphone so that the captured audio can also cover all angles.

Various new modes have been added by Ricoh. Mainly there is the HDR Rendering mode, Composite interval for photographing the star trail ( star trail ), and multi-bracket mode . Plug-in support is also available thanks to its Android-based system, including the Time-Shift Shooting plug-in , which is useful for removing subjects holding the camera from the shots.

The bad news, the price difference is far different from before. Ricoh sells Theta Z1 for $ 1,000. The price is even more expensive than the GoPro Fusion, which has now touched the figure of $ 600.