Just 1 Month Released Apple's AirTag Has Been Hacked

Not even one month since its launch, Apple`s Air Tag has been hacked. This was done by a security researcher from Germany who announced it via Twitter.

Quoting Detikinet, Tuesday (11/5/2021), Stacksmashing, thus the name of the Twitter account, revealed that it had succeeded in overcoming AirTag. You do this by reverse engineering. During the experiment, he had already damaged two AirTags because he failed to hack.

It re-flashed the microcontroller which allowed it to make some changes to AirTag functionality. In the hack it managed to make changes regarding the URL link that appears on the notification when the AirTag is in lost mode.

German researchers changed the URL on the notification. Instead of notifying the person who found the missing AirTag about the found.apple.com site, the notification redirects to the research website and includes its URL.

Apple seems to be serious about handling this case. The AirTag hack might allow someone to stalk certain AirTag users. Apple has also sent a warning when an AirTag that does not belong to the user is found traveling with family.

There is also a possibility that the AirTag could be hacked to create security issues. It looks like it is proving quite possible and Apple needs to respond as reported by Phone Arena.