How to make NFT which will become a new source of income. Now NFT is more popular. NFT or non-fungible tokens are one of the digital assets that are on the rise. NFTs are digital assets that represent real-world assets. It is like a digital certificate for those who have photos, videos or other virtual forms. NFT is a hot topic of conversation for now. NFT serves to digitally mark the ownership of an item. We can tell which original owner sold it through NFT.

Here "s how to make NFT on OpenSea :

- Choose a marketplace to sell your work, in this example, the team will use OpenSea .

- Create an account at OpenSea then click Create.

- Add the file that you will make NFT, and make sure it has a size under 100M

- Enter your name along with any other required information, including a description

- Finish by pressing the Create button

- Done, and now you are officially the owner of the NFT artwork.

How to sell NFT on OpenSea :

- You can access NFT via Profile on the OpenSea

- Click the NFT that you created earlier, then press Sell

- Enter the amount you want, for example you will sell the original BTS photo for 0.5 ETH or whatever.

- It should be noted that there is a service fee of 2.5 percent of the total profit

- Then press Complete Listing

- Next, you will be charged a mint on the NFT you are trying to market

- Press Confirm if you agree with the required upfront fee

- Done, your NFT is now officially on the air and can be purchased by anyone.