Elon Musk called a negative example, why?

Founding companies that change the world such as Tesla and SpaceX, obviously many idolized the figure of Elon Musk. But instead it is referred to as a negative role model or role model. Why is that?

Not because Elon behaved badly but because it was hard to match his achievements. That's what Peter Thiel said, a famous investor and one of the richest people in the world.

Thiel, who claimed to be good friends with Elon, said that his friend's figure was indeed full of innovation, even comparing it to Apple's founder, Steve Jobs. "We have one person who helped develop electric cars and rockets that can be used again," he said.

But according to him, young people should not try to imitate Elon or be asked to emulate him. The reason is, what Elon has achieved is hard to match so that they are likely to lose enthusiasm.

"If you tell a young person why not be like Elon, that is a bad role model because the response is well, it's too heavy, I can't do it," Thiel said.

It might be easier to advise young people to start an internet company from their dorm room. This was done by Mark Zuckerberg who gave birth to Facebook.

Thiel himself is an early investor in Facebook. He also founded PayPal which later joined the Elon financial company so that their relationship was quite close.