3 Things Qualcomm Should Look For Creating Chipsets

There are a number of things that Qualcomm pays attention to when creating a chipset that is advanced and smart. This was revealed directly by Qualcomm Technologies Senior Marketing Manager Dominikus Susanto.
"This is real basic knowledge, why chipsets are important because everything from az from turning on the smartphone to turning off all depends on the processor for performance, and the more we want to do with smartphones," he said in a virtual press conference 'Innovation Talk : Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G ', Wednesday (16/9/2020).

So the three things are speed and performance, connectivity, and battery life. More and more application requests make the experience even more exciting. Connectivity can also not be forgotten, more and more various features are not only 4G and 5G cellular, there is also WiFi .

"The need is more, the more you want, the battery is also willing to be economical, that's what Qualcomm considers every time you build a new processor," he continued.

For the foremost chipsets, of course, there are in the 800 series, but there is still a 700 series which is a bridge between 600 and 800 so that it puts it in a pretty good position to support the needs of smartphones in the current era.

Most recently, Qualcomm launched Snapdragon 732G with CPU and GPU capabilities better than 730G. In fact, the GPU is 15% faster than the 730G version. The 732G also supports HDR Gaming by being able to present more than 1 billion colors.

"Performance is improved, CPU and graphics bring enjoyment when used for gaming and also have the elite gaming inherent in the 800 series. Well, this 700 series has elite gaming features even though it is not complete," said Susanto.