Recommendation The Best Anime

Every year various anime studios in Japan compete to produce quality anime. There are dozens of anime titles that are aired on Japanese TV stations each year, making us often confused about choosing them. To help you, this time the IDN Times will provide a list of the 10 best anime airs in 2018. What are you thinking about? Here is the list for you!

Darling in the FranXX
This anime first aired on January 13, 2018 which was produced by Trigger and CloverWorks, and has a total of 24 episodes. This anime has a background story in the post-apocalyptic future caused by the attack of a giant creature called Klaxosaur. To deal with this threat, humanity also built a military city led by the APE organization called Plantation.

To produce successors, many children were raised and trained to use a giant mecha named Fraxx in pairs of different sexes. The main character of this anime is that a genius boy named Hiro finds it difficult to find a suitable partner. Until one day he met a Klaxosaur mixed girl named Zero Two who turned out to fit Hiro.

In this anime, we will be presented with various heroic actions of Fraxx against monsters treated to the development of romance between Hiro and Zero Two. Besides that, the advantages of this anime are not only focusing on the main character but also the development of other supporting characters that are not less interesting.

Violet Evergarden
This anime was produced by Kyoto Animation which was adapted from a light novel which also won the fifth Kyoto Animation Award for the novel category. This anime premiered on January 11, 2018 with 13 episodes and an OVA. The plan is that this anime will also get a long film that will be released in 2020.

The main character of this anime is a former soldier girl named Violet Evergarden. Violet herself grew up only as a weapon of war so she had difficulty in socializing and living normally. After the war ended, Violet lost her hands replaced by mechanical hands and a valuable figure named Gilbert Bougainvillea who taught him the meaning of life.

Violet, who lost her way after the war ended, eventually became an Auto Memory Dolls that helped other people express their emotions in the form of letters. For Violet who only understands war, being an Auto Memory Doll is a very difficult thing. However, Violet slowly learned to understand the emotions of others and live her life meaningfully.

Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season
Season 3 of this anime premiered on April 7, 2018 in 25 episodes. The third season of this anime adapts stories from chapters 70 to 123 on the manga. The story in question was when Midoriya Izuku and her friends went to do a training camp in a forest, but suddenly they were attacked by Villain League groups and managed to kidnap Bakugou.

This anime ends at the temporary hero license taking arc and closes with an epic duel between Midoriya and Bakugo. For those who might not know about Boku no Hero Academia, this anime is an adaptation of the same titled manga made by Kohei Horikoshi.

This manga tells the story of the world of heroes triggered by the emergence of unique strength in each person called "Quirk". The main character of this manga is Midoriya Izuku who aspires to be a hero but does not have Quirk until fate meets him with Midoriya"s inspiring hero, namely All Might and is believed to inherit the quirk called "One for All".

Shingeki no Kyojin 3rd Season
The third season of this anime premiered on July 23, 2018 as many as 12 episodes and the plan will still be continued in 2019. This Shingeki no Kyojin season 3 takes the arc of the throne of the throne. It is said that many secrets were covered by the kingdom so that making an effort to get out of the wall was blocked.

To reveal the secret, Eren and his colleagues must fight against the royal forces who do not want their secrets revealed. In this season, instead of fighting Titan you will fight more battles against humans this time using 3D Manuver Gear which is modified so that it can fire air bullets.