Various Chronic Diseases

Of course there are many kinds, ranging from the most common chronic diseases to chronic diseases that most specifically can be experienced by someone. Types of Chronic Disease is an advanced disease of an acute disease, in general chronic diseases can be interpreted as a severe disease. There is once a type of chronic disease that can and can be achieved by someone, because indeed a chronic disease is a common disease in a person. The easiest to be characterized as a chronic disease is that the disease has entered an advanced stage, or can be said to be a disease that has sustainability. Chronic diseases can be caused by factors of life habits in a person or also because genetic factors that are hereditary in a person. So everything can be a risk factor for chronic disease.

Kinds of Chronic Diseases and Prevention:

After the most vulnerable: 50s and above
Can be affected since: Late teens and early 20s
Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that can be avoided by not too often sunbathing between 10 am and 2 pm without using sunscreen or Sun Protecting Factor (SPF). SPF-30 is recommended, but SPF-15 is considered sufficient to provide protection.

The most vulnerable age: 65 years and over
Can be hit since: 50s
Osteoporosis or bone loss can be prevented by increasing calcium and vitamin D intake, and avoiding smoking. Regular exercise is also important, because strong muscles will help the body frame to support weight.

The most vulnerable age: 65 years
Can be affected since: 20 to 30 years
Again cigarettes are a risk factor for stroke at a young age. To prevent it, stay away from cigarettes and eat fat or salt, and multiply the consumption of fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are good for the heart and blood vessels.

Breast cancer
The most vulnerable age: 45 years and above
Can be affected since: teenagers
Regular exercise, keeping your body weight ideal, limiting alcohol so that you don"t overdo it and avoid smoking can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Because the exact cause is unknown, the most important early detection is done by often feeling the lump.

The most vulnerable age: 65 years and over
Can be affected since: 40s
Alzheimer"s is a type of senility that is difficult to resist because it is the effect of the aging process. But some things can be done to slow down its appearance, for example by diligently filling in crossword puzzles, learning foreign languages ​​and also playing music.

The most vulnerable age: 50 to 60 years
Can be affected since: 30 years.
Obesity and alcohol consumption are the main risk factors for gout attack at a young age, so weight needs to be controlled if you don"t want to experience it. But keep in mind, extreme diets that have a short and dramatic impact on weight loss can also increase the risk of uric acid crystallization.

Type 2 diabetes
The most vulnerable age: 40 to 50 years
Can be affected since: children!
Unlike type 1 diabetes which is a congenital condition since birth, type 2 diabetes is far more likely to be prevented. The key is only 2, namely a balanced and low calorie diet and physical activity that is also balanced with the calorie intake.
Well, that is the kinds of chronic diseases that are usually experienced by all people who are currently experiencing illness. For this reason, anyone who is currently experiencing an acute illness is obliged to immediately overcome the disease. So and hopefully useful.