These Activities Can Be Done at Home during Corona Outbreaks

Several local governments have closed schools and teaching and learning activities to prevent the spread of the corona virus. The public is also advised not to do many activities outside the home, stay away from the crowd and stay home. However, spending time at home certainly feels boring. There are many things that can be done social distancing or keep a social distance from the corona outbreak, which does not only involve sitting on the couch all day, as reported by the People page.

The following activities can be done while at home

1. Personal Care
If you feel pressured to fill all your free time, don't! Start to take a breath and relax. You can start doing self-care, such as wearing a face mask or scrub.

2. Create your own board game
Sure, you can play Monopoly or Scrabble, but making a completely new game for you and anyone at home is not only fun, but also gives you the opportunity to tie each other through a series of rules that only you know and understand.

3. Follow the New Hobbies
Now is the time to learn skills that you have never had before. Don't feel pressured to write your next novel, just do things that will make you happy and time-consuming. For example playing music with a ukulele, or starting to knit.

4. Exercise at home Your
Physical and mental health complement each other so make sure that you get a little physical activity. Online yoga classes are an amazing way to move your body and make your mind right! YouTube has lots of quick and effective exercises that you can try, or you can try apps like Tone It Up or Openfit.

5. Tidy up the items
Free time can be used to clean some parts of the house. Like your closet, room, refrigerator, or drawer.

6. Learning a New Language
Travel to a foreign country may be limited for some time, so learning about different cultures can help you reduce the desire to travel.

7. Create a TikTok video
If you didn't join TikTok, now it's time to learn to join. Making videos in the application gives you the opportunity to be creative, do some jokes, and do physical activity by learning the endless TikTok dance. Even Courteney Cox did it! (*)