Should Children Use Masks to Prevent Corona Virus?

Increased fear of Corona virus transmission makes some parents accustom their children to wear masks when traveling or in a crowd. Actually, should children use masks when leaving the house?

Corona virus infection which is also known as COVID-19 disease originates from animals, this disease can be transmitted to humans and between humans. Corona virus transmission from human to human can occur through sprinkling of saliva sufferers of COVID-19 which is issued when sneezing, coughing, or even talking.

Therefore, the use of masks is recommended as an effort to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, because it can dispel the splash of this saliva.

Mask Choices to Prevent Corona Virus in Children
There are two types of masks that are commonly used, namely surgical masks and N95 masks. Surgical masks can be selected to prevent transmission of Corona virus in children because it has a waterproof layer that can dispel splashes of saliva. In addition, this mask is also more comfortable to wear.

N95 masks tend to be thicker and very effective in filtering airborne particles, including the Corona virus. However, this mask must be attached tightly to the face, covering the nose and mouth, so it is not comfortable to use.

N95 masks are not designed for children, so they will be too large if worn by children. This will make the use of N95 masks ineffective in protecting children from germs, including the Corona virus. So, you should not have to wear an N95 mask on your children.

So, When is the Right Time for Children to Use Masks?
The use of masks is not recommended if the child is not sick or not near a sick person. Wear your baby a mask only when he is coughing or catching a cold, also if he is near someone who has a cough or runny nose. Choose a mask that is the right size to be comfortable to use by your little one.

If you want to give your child a mask, don't forget to teach him to always wash his hands before and after touching the mask.

Wearing a mask can make a child feel hot and uncomfortable to breathe, so that he will repeatedly take off and put on the mask, and touch the mask and face without washing hands. This will only increase the risk of children to be infected with viruses and other disease germs, you know .

So, instead of wearing a mask, mother would rather take the Little Outdoors, especially to a crowded place, such as a mall or a playground. For now, it is recommended to prevent Corona virus transmission .

If you really have to go outside the house, try to keep your child close, carried, or kissed by other people, especially people who look sick. Also, make sure the little face area is not touched by hands that have not been washed.

Wearing a child mask needs to be considered wisely. Because the mask can protect it, but can also increase the risk for infection. Therefore, it is better for Mother to focus on other preventative measures, such as getting used to washing her hands.

Make sure your child understands how to wash your hands properly and whenever he has to wash their hands. Remind him to wash his hands regularly and not touch his face or eat with dirty hands. Give him nutritious food and make sure he has enough rest so that his endurance remains excellent.

If you still have questions about the Corona virus, you can chat directly to the doctor on the Alodokter app. In this application, you can consult about the symptoms and prevention of COVID-19. In addition, Mother can also make an appointment with a doctor in the hospital through the Alodokter application.