has just revealed a new record. A total of 28,230,853 gamers are online simultaneously at one time. This figure has increased when compared to previous years.

"Steam once again beat the record of simultaneously active users with over 27 million online players. In fact, already increased by 28 million," wrote SteamDB, quoted detikINET of social media, Monday (01/10/2022).

If you look at the previous three years, this number is the highest. Take for example in January 2019, it managed to amass 17.6 million online users. Then followed by 2020 as many as 18.3 million and increasing in 2021 to reach 25.4 million.

This report is prominently displayed on SteamDB. Where is a database site owned by Valve, to provide analytics and other important information about games, storefronts, user traffic and much more.

For example, this platform also leaked a list of the best-selling games in the first week of 2022. At least 10 games were categorized as Top Sellers, as of January 9.

Top Seller Steam Week January 1, 2022 :
Ready or Not
It Takes Two
Monster Hunter Rise
Project Zombie
Valve Index VR Kit
Five Nights at Fredd"s: Security Breach
Elden Ring
Forza Horizon 5
Sea of Thieves
The game industry analyst who is quite popular, namely Daniel Ahmad, also provides feedback regarding the new record that Steam has successfully set . According to him, this platform will strengthen its position in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic begins to hit various countries and will continue until 2021.

This does not escape Valve"s role in offering massive discounts to fans. As they have previously held, titled Winter Sale, allows gamers to get discounts of up to 90%.

Including attracting the interest of users, by contributing to the award event they recently held called the 2021 Steam Awards. So that it invites players to actively participate in the assessment and voting that is carried out.