The charm of Jennie beauty BLACKPINK

That Kai 'EXO' and Jennie 'BLACKPINK' going out made a stir in the public earlier this year. The news was crowded after a media in South Korea, Dispatch, released photos showing that they were dating. The agency that houses Jennie, YG Entertainment, admitted she did not know the news and promised to find the truth soon. However, the agency that houses Kai "EXO", SM Entartaiment, spoke up and issued a response that they had feelings for each other.

In fact, the news of dating Jennie "BLACKPINK" and Kai "EXO" immediately became trending on social media given their rising popularity. Apart from rumors of closeness with Kai "EXO", the figure of Jennie has always been in the spotlight especially Kpop lovers. Both from the work in the music world to its stylish and elegant appearance. Legal has summarized some of Jennie's fashion styles. Here is a review.

Look sexy with an outer and mini dress

Wearing a black mini dress with a new back makes Jennie look sexy, even though wrapped in a leopard-patterned outer. Beret hat that matches the outer and the boots also makes it more stylish.

Luxurious and elegant clad in co-ords

With a beach background, this woman who was born on January 16, 1996 looks elegant with her co-ords from Chanel. Accent details on the clothing and matching bags also show an impression of luxury. Her hair which is unraveled really makes her look beautiful.

Jennie's sweet style with an off shoulder blouse

The beauty of the Solo song singer is indeed no doubt. Wearing a white blouse off shoulder Jennie looks cute. Her beautiful hair and earring accessories also make her look elegant.

Feminine with polka-dot patterned dress

Clad in white polka-dot pattern dress really makes it look feminine. Her hair which was left loose also made her more beautiful and sweet. Do not forget he also wears earrings to complete the appearance.

Appear sporty with tanktop and track pants

Not only dressed feminine, Jennie also often took with a sporty style. Solid match between tanktop with track pants really looks harmonious. Wearing clothes with a line ornament on the side of Adidas makes her body look more level. Do not forget he also combines matching colored sneakers. Jennie's fashion and style really make you fall. So which one is your favorite?