Apparently This Is How Yamaha Niken Works When Sharp Cornering

When viewed from the appearance, clearly Niken is a genuine sport bike that has three wheels. Despite having two wheels in front, Niken can turn perfectly. Apparently this is how the Yamaha Niken works when cornering sharply.

Yamaha Niken is a motorbike composed by Yamaha MT-9. Yup, Niken is not a beautiful three-wheeled scooter like most on the market, but a real three-wheeled motor sport that is handsome maximum. Ie, two wheels in front and one behind.

Despite having two wheels in front, Niken has the privilege of being able to be made to bend perfectly like when riding a two-wheeled motorcycle.

Yamaha has a technology called Leaning Multi Wheeler (LMW) which is applied to all Yamaha tricycle models. But the technology used at Niken itself is Ackermann steering geometry and parallelogram offset.

This technology is not a new technology. This technology has long been used in horse-drawn carriages and cars, namely by relying on geometric linkage consisting of tie rods and ball joints.

Ackermann steering geometry will make the inner side wheels form the same turning angle as the outer side wheels even though the radius is different. In essence, so that the front wheels can stay parallel when turning. Because if not, for example the motor turns left then the right front wheel angle will widen to the right.

The difference with the work system of the car, the location of the Niken pivot point is above. Because of that Yamaha made another kind of fork called a parallelogram link so that when cornering is more natural.

Paralleogram link is a square construction with each corner having its own hinge or joint. The goal is that when the motor corners, the position of the fork both left and right have the same angle.

This paralleogram construction can also be found on Peugeot Metropolis, Piaggio MP3 and Yamaha Tricity. The difference is the paralleogram link on Niken, the lower arm hinges are offset by the upper arm. With the combination of Ackermann steering geometry and parallelogram link offset the result is that Niken is able to bend to a slope of 45 degrees and can turn like a two-wheeled motor.