All New Honda Fit or Jazz 2020

Honda again seized public attention by presenting the All New Honda Fit 2020. The output of this latest car immediately gained a position in the compact hatchback class. The All New Honda Fit, or better known as the Honda Jazz, has held its first debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2019. Suddenly received a standing ovation from the general public. Especially the observers of the automotive world and even Honda Jazz Homeland lovers.

Specifications of the All New Honda Fit 2020
On Friday, February 14, 2020, the official All New Honda Fit officially began to be marketed in Japan. It was widely heard, if the specifications it brought there were many changes compared to its predecessor generation. Want to know what changes in specifications of the All New Honda Fit 2020? We will thoroughly review the following for you.

The All New Honda Fit variant is the first specification that we will discuss. Since its appearance, the output of this new Honda Jazz has been available in two versions. In addition, five new variants of the All New Honda Fit also offered. This then becomes the mastermind of the many interests of consumers.

First, the All New Honda Fit with basic variants. The basic variant is a standard variant that is owned by the All New Honda Fit. Of course, with all the high-quality designs and offer comfort while driving.

The second variant, the All New Honda Fit 2020 comes with a home variant. For those of you who prioritize the comfort of a spacious and spacious cabin, this variant can be an option.

Moreover, it has been equipped with a quality bench material. Not only that, it is equipped with prime smooth TM and leather wrapped steering on its soft padding.

Third, the All New Honda Fit with ness variant. This variant gives an attractive appearance on the seat and soft padding on the instrument panel that is owned.

By displaying a combination of colors and a combination of water reppelent material makes it more elegant. Because it offers luxury, the All New Honda Fit with Ness variant is for sporty-minded riders with a cool driving style. Crosstar became the fourth variant of the All New Honda Fit. This variant is equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels. So it's no wonder that the design shown is very compact and tough. All New Honda Fit crosstar variant is suitable as a reliable city ​​car .

Finally, the All New Honda Fit with its seductive luxury variant. Users will be given the indulgence with the platinum style chrome plating design and also the 16 inch alloy wheels.

The design
After discussing the variant of the All New Honda Fit 2020 widely, now turning to the design offered. Matter of design, the All New Honda Fit did not give much explanation. But the center of attention is the design of the sides. The side of the side looks more curved which makes it more beautiful when viewed. Combined with 16-inch rims, the All New Honda Fit looks dashing.

The interior of the All New Honda Fit has received a lot of refreshment. It should be noted, in addition to being a mainstay city ​​car , the All New Honda Fit also became a family pride car. Because, has a cabin that is comfortable, spacious and spacious with a capacity of five passengers. In addition to the priority of passenger comfort, driver comfort is no less noticeable.

Equipped with a complete driver or Honda SENSING system along with the latest generation of technology that has been integrated, Honda Connect. This technology is a powerful safety technology from Honda. Which consists of four systems that will work to minimize accidents when driving.

Still talking about the specifications of the All New Honda Fit. Now we turn to the performance of a capable spur kitchen. The All New Honda Fit 2020 is also equipped with an eHEV or hybrid version with a two-motor electric system technology. Amazingly, the setting of the Intelligent Dual Clutch Drive (i-DCD) was replaced by the dual motor system of the Honda i-MMD (Intelligent Multi Mode Drive).

Not only armed with that, the DOHC i-VTEC four-cylinder gasoline engine is also equipped with two electric motors. It's not fancy if the All New Honda Fit has excellent stamina when driving. Both of these electric motors have different roles and functions. First, it acts as a generator in the process of charging lithium ion batteries.

While the other as an electric drive to overcome low speed acceleration. In addition, it can also spin when the speed reaches 13,300 rpm.